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What is an electric circuit?


Circuit diagrams are essential visual tools in electronics, providing a graphical representation of an electrical circuit's components and connections.

What is an electric circuit?

An electric circuit serves as a conduit for the transmission of electric current, comprising several key elements. Firstly, there's the energy source, typically a battery or generator, which supplies the necessary energy to mobilize charged particles (usually electrons) within the circuit. These charged particles constitute the electric current, which flows through the circuit's pathways.


A complete electric circuit is a closed path for transmitting electric current i.e. there are no open ends or no broken ends. If its has open ends or broken ends the path does not remain continuous.

You all must remember while using the digital multimeter continuity mode, when the two probes of the multimeter the multimeter makes a sound, it indicated the closed loop.

    Let us look at the most basic electric circuit and its primary elements:

    There are two primary styles of circuit diagrams: pictorial and schematic. In a pictorial-style circuit diagram, components are depicted using realistic, easily recognizable images of the actual physical components. This style is intuitive and beginner-friendly, making it accessible to those who may not have extensive technical knowledge. Figures 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 show some examples of pictorial style diagrams.

    what is an electric circuit 03

    However, as circuits grow in complexity, pictorial diagrams tend to become less practical. In intricate designs, they can quickly become cluttered and challenging to follow. Also, drawing illustrative graphics of each component and wiring may take a lot of effort. Yes, your guess is correct, all these pictures were hand-drawn by our engineers and artists, which truly took a lot of effort.

    Schematic Circuit Diagram of an electric circuit:

    In contrast, employ standardized symbols for components and lines to represent connections. This style is more abstract and less intuitive than the pictorial style but instead prioritizes clarity and conciseness. In Figure 1.6.3, we compare the two styles side by side for a very basic resistor circuit.

    what is an electric circuit

    The schematic style is the preferred choice in professional electronics as it can efficiently convey intricate circuit designs without overwhelming complexity. In complex circuits, the schematic style allows for a systematic and organized representation, facilitating comprehensive analysis and troubleshooting.

    A simple example to understand the electric circuit in day to day life are >

    Light Switch Circuit: When you flip a light switch to turn on a lamp or overhead light, you're completing an electric circuit. The switch, wires, and light bulb form a simple circuit. Flipping the switch allows electricity to flow from the power source (typically your home's electrical system) through the wires to the light bulb, illuminating the room.

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    what is an electric circuit 02
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    We have discussed in electric circuits in details in our previous blog Basics of Electrical Circuits: What is an Electrical Circuit? How do Circuits work?
    Read blog to find the details.

    In next article, we will discuss what are the different types of electric circuits. Comment below your thoughts on the article.

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