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Electronic Kits - Portable  Electronic Lab "Lab-On-The-Go"  Kit

Learn Electronics with Ease! 

Electronic Kits | Electronic Tools | Electronic Tutorials | STEM Education

Accessible and affordable electronics equipment for hands-on Project-Based-Learning

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Portable Equipment
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Enjoy effortless setup with our compact, portable and user-friendly lab equipment. Our easy setup feature makes it simple to get started in no time. The range of portable electronic tools makes it possible to carry hassle-free hobby electronic projects.


Contents covering from fundamental electronics to advanced circuit design and project applications. We offer complete step-to-step guidance with our DIY electronic learning kits. 

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Engage in hands-on learning with our Real-life based projects. Our products offer a unique and interactive approach to education, making learning fun and engaging.


Boost class engagement with interactive and hands-on products. Our solutions are designed to make learning fun and engaging, enhancing student participation and learning cognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are electronic building kits for adults?

A. Electronic building kits for adults are educational and recreational packages that include electronic components, circuit boards, and instructions to build various electronic projects. These kits are designed to help adults learn about electronics, programming, and circuit design in a hands-on and enjoyable way. EIM Technology offers an extensive collection of Project Based Learning Electronics Kits, Electronic Equipment, Laboratory Tools, Electronic Devices, Electronic Tutorials, and more. Buy our products from our Store page.

Q. What types of projects can I build with electronic building kits for adults?

A. Electronic building kits offer a wide range of project possibilities, including home automation systems, weather stations, LED displays, synthesizers, electronic games, wireless communication devices, and more. The projects often vary depending on the type of kit you choose.

EIM Technology Smart Greenhouse Project Based Learning Kit  has been designed to give exposure many electronics concepts & sub-projects which are mention below:

# Knowledge of Greenhouse effect

# Analog sensors circuitry

# Basic thermodynamics

# Motor control circuit

# Op-amp and 555 timer basics

Q. Where can I find electronic building kits for adults?

A. EIM Technology offers special electronics building kits that makes learning electronics fun & simple! EIM Technology specializes in DIY electronics or educational kits often offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

As a proactive advocate of project-based & hands-on learning pedagogy, EIM Technology are proud to announce our recent flagship product, Lab-On-The-Go, a comprehensive electronics learning kit containing the necessary equipment, tools and components for most school & college level electronics education curriculum. Buy our products from our store>>

Q. Does your product come with warranty?

A. Yes. Our products comes with warranty. The warranty period could be in the range of one year to two year varying product to product. Please reach out to us for more information via our website chat/form or you can write us at


I had a distinct privilege to observe the development of an assortment of low-cost electronic instrumentation developed by EIM Technology, ideally suited for learning electronics, performing an assortment of experiments to understand basic electric circuits, circuit analysis and gain the foundational knowledge of electronics.

Ash M. Parameswaran, 

PEng, Ph.D., Professor,

School of Engineering Science

Simon Fraser University

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