Learn, Build, Think

Introducing Pocket Library

Exclusive Hardware Lab for All Electronics Enthusiast

Electronics Lab In Your Backpack

The power and flexibility of Lab-on-the-go equipment give students the freedom to build and explore new projects whenever and wherever an idea blinks. No need to wait for school hours, deploy Lab-on-the-go and get equipment access just like in labs.

Learn Together, Even If You Are Not Together

Learning happens everywhere, not just in classrooms. This is especially true for STEM education. However, without applicable tools distance learning becomes a challenge. Lab-on-the-go equipment are not only designed to be light and compact, but also built to be hassle-free when setting up. Simply turn on the power and follow along the tutorials, it’s that easy!

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Perform Like ​ Professional Equipment that only spend a fraction of their costs*

As a company that is focusing on the development of electronics learning tools and supplies, we have spent years on optimizing the cost for essential electronics equipment including power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes. Our goal is to make electronics learning convenient and affordable for everyone.

*We do not compromise on product quality. However, the trade-off is that some advanced functionalities are taken out because they are not required for educational purposes.

Power Up What You Do Today, and What You’ll Discover Tomorrow

Electronics is essential to help students thrive in a future driven by technology. With this in mind, we are working with educators to design a resource with comprehensive guides to help you ignite creativity and give your students the skills to in and out of classrooms. Not only with powerful products, but also with inspiration and resources to help you create magical learning experiences.