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Ignite your passion for electronics with our hands-on soldering learning kit. 
SparkTip: A Beginner Friendly Soldering Iron Kit with Soldering DIY Projects

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Portable Soldering Iron

Portable and compact, SparkTip is not constrained by the limitations of a designated lab, offering the freedom to work on projects anytime, anywhere.

Smart Fan

Sensor Fan with UV light to protect you from the toxic solder fumes. A high-power outer rotor brushless motor with a rating of 3W at a speed of 11,000 RPM, resulting in impressive airflow. The fan is capable to run continuously for 2 hours with a single charge

Illustrative Tutorial books

No boring manuals. We put lot of efforts in designing out illustrative tutorials with simple and effective mode of educating our users. 

USB Rechargeable Solder Iron

USB chargeable solder iron pen. Adjustable temperatures modes. The iron tip can heat up to 450C. At maximum power consumption, the iron can operate for approx. 45 minutes on a single charge.

Fun DIY Projects

The kit comes with amazing and fun-practicing DIY projects with enables quick learning. 


The soldering iron

For accessible technology education, we are dedicated to create an ergonomic and efficient design that maximizes portability and ease of use. The design was finalized to a pen-shaped iron, with a total length for only 158mm, which can easily fit into a pocket. 

The soldering iron can operate in two modes: hold-and-run mode and continuous run mode. The iron tip can heat up to 450C. At maximum power consumption, the iron can operate for approx. 45 minutes on a single charge.


The fume-suction fan

Soldering creates hazardous smoke that we want to limit exposure to.  A dedicated soldering ventilation system is effective but takes up a large amount of space on the table pot and has additional cords that may be cumbersome. 

Fortunately, we identified a previous solution, which was a battery-powered fan used in electronics repair for cooling purpose, and made minor revisions to engineer this fan to a new design that fits more for fume extraction purpose. 

The tutorial book

As part of the learning, we created this tutorial book with detailed procedures to teach each single step of soldering. Over 90% of the images and graphics were drawn by our team of artists and engineer,  aiming to deliver the concepts and knowledge in most effective and engaging way. 


DIY Projects

Practice makes perfect, therefore we prepared a list of soldering DIY projects for real practice after you've learned the basics. 

These projects include:

  • a simple USB nightlight

  • an electronics fidget spinner

  • an LED chaser wheel

  • an FM radio kit

  • a metal detector

  • an electronics luck wheel

We've also prepared graphical tutorials to accompany each project. 

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