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Smart Greenhouse Effect Project - Project Based Learning Examples


While I was rearranging my USB key today, I found some interesting contents 5 years ago, so in this blog I would like to introduce an amazing capstone project, a Smart Greenhouse project. This was a undergraduate capstone project completed by Daphne Chiang and her group members for ENSC440 course at Simon Fraser University, and it was my pleasure to be their technical advisor for that semester. 

In engineering, every challenge is an opportunity for learning. Daphne and her teammates encountered and overcame various obstacles, from selecting sensors, controllers, and many hands on building and assembling work.    


The construction of the prototype was a journey in itself. Witnessing these future engineers apply classroom theories to hands-on building was inspiring. It underscores the value of experiential learning, where students learn as much from the process as from the outcome.

This project is a vivid example of how project-based learning can deepen understanding and ignite interest in technology. These students have not just built a greenhouse; they have sown the seeds for future innovations, even 5 years later as I seen these I still feel like a great capstone project.

If this Smart Greenhouse Capstone Project has sparked your interest in project-based learning, we invite you to explore deeper into this immersive and impactful educational approach. Project-based learning (PBL) is more than just a method; it's a journey of discovery, innovation, and real-world problem-solving.

At EIM Technology, we're committed to providing students with opportunities to engage in projects that not only challenge their intellect but also contribute to societal betterment. Whether you're an aspiring engineer, a technology enthusiast, or simply someone who's passionate about sustainable solutions, our programs are designed to offer a platform where your ideas can take root and flourish. 

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