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5 Simple Tips for Solder Safety from Harmful Solder Fumes


It is always best to implement precautions to safeguard our health when soldering. The two main concerns involving soldering include:

Exposure to noxious gases 

There are many different types of solder available including Leaded and lead-free alloys. Within the core of the solder is a substance called flux. Flux originates from resin of pine trees and it serves as a wetting agent which helps create good solder adhesion to the board by removing contaminants such as oxidation from the surface. 

When solder is heated to the temperatures needed for it to melt, the flux can undergo thermal breakdown into a mix of volatile organic compounds. At the temperatures that soldering is done at, lead is not vaporized at significant amounts, so the bulk of the exhaust is vaporized rosin flux. Over-exposure to solder smoke can be harmful and lead to respiratory, skin, and eye irritation. However, some basic precautions can help alleviate these problems. 

  1. Proper Ventilation: Solder in a properly ventilated area to prevent build-up of solder fumes.
  2. Solder Fume Extractor Fan: Use an exhaust fan to draw fumes away from the operator. It's something similar to an exhaust fan. EIM Technology has very carefully designed a Nitro Soldering / Solder Fume Extractor

  3. Wear disposable gloves. Wash-hands thoroughly after working.
  4. Safety Eyewear: Wearing glasses to protect eyes. Eye glasses will protect your eyes from the fumes.

  5. Face mask: A good respirator for soldering is also a way to protect the harmful fumes entering your respiratory tract. One should avoid eating and having open-drinks on the workbench.

Burns, Fire Hazard, and Sharps

Soldering iron is operated at a high temperature which can cause fires or burns. Workspace should be organized and free of clutter to minimize risks. SparkTip soldering iron’s “hold-to-heat” operation mode reduces the risk of fire and burns.

Wire cutters might be required when putting components onto a board. When cutting excess wire, there is a risk of wire getting into the eye. Wearing PPE like safety goggles and cutting in a way that wire won’t fly towards the body is a way to prevent injury. 

 Sparktip soldering iron kit by EIM Technology


Safety modes designed in SPARKTIP, Cordless Soldering Iron:


There are 3 modes of operation integrated to SparkTip. 

Safety mode offered by SparkTip Soldering Iron

 Young learners should always be supervised by an adult. Prior to beginning the soldering journey, it’s good practice to read through the operation brochure in detail to familiarize with the hardware.


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