Multi-functional Debugger
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• Multipurpose Debugging Tool: The ZOOLARK debugger tool is incredibly versatile and features a 5 in 1 design, with working modes for DC Reference, Spectrum, PWM Signal, Function Generation and Oscilloscope, fulfilling various functions.

• Compact and Portable: Unlike similar products on the market, this frequency generator has a sleek, compact and modern design, with reduced lightweight dimensions, fitting in your backpack, laptop case or pocket.

•Easy Setup: Say goodbye to countless wasted hours trying to correctly set up your device. The EIM Technology signal generator is easy to synchronize to your computer, arriving with reader-friendly clear instructions. The oscilloscope also has a DFU mode available for post firmware development, with hardware schematic available by request.

•User-Friendly Interface: Featuring a classic on/off button, with convenient menu selection modes, type C USB port and a superior quality display, this function generator is easy to use, suitable for applied science, engineering students or electronics hobbyists.

•Includes Accessories: The ZOOLARK lab oscilloscopes include everything you need for a complete and rewarding experience, with USB type C cable and 2 x 6 jumper cable. The device is equipped with a 280mAh battery, for up to 2 hours autonomy.

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