Portable Power Supply
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•THE PERFECT SOLUTION: Whether you’re used to dealing with digital products, smartphones, computer maintenance, automotive testing, scientific experimenting or lab work, the MEGO portable power supply is definitely a must in your tool kit!

•ADJUSTABLE VOLTAGE: With a fully adjustable DC voltage, ranging between 4V and 24V and an output power of 5W, this DC power supply is the optimal choice for micro-controllers, sensors and actuators or amplifiers!

•LONG AUTONOMY: This PC power supply features an enclosed 2000mAh lithium-polymer USB rechargeable battery, providing up to 10-hour autonomy for breadboard projects. No power cord required, for a 100% stand-alone operation!

•WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Unlike similar products on the market, this power supply is universally compatible with most breadboards: simply plug it and power your project. MEGO also supports wire outputs such as alligator clips and coaxial power connectors.

•STAY SAFE: With premium quality components which ensure a high reliability, this battery backup power supply features multiple protection functions, including overload and short circuit protection.

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