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Smart Green House Kit

Smart Greenhouse

A tangible solution to learn electrical circuits with real hands-on equipment, tools, components and experiments

# Knowledge of Greenhouse effect

# Analog sensors circuitry

# Basic thermodynamics

# Motor control circuit

# Op-amp and 555 timer basics

About the kit

This STEM Enhanced version of Smart Greenhouse Kit offers advanced learning with an electronics-controlled smart greenhouse. Learners explore concepts like the greenhouse effect, sustainability, semiconductors and circuits. The kit includes an illustrative color-printed tutorial book and hands-on circuit building with sensors, providing practical electronics experience while learning about plant growth and environmental science. 

Smart Green House Kit

1. The Greenhouse Building Model

Green house learning kit 3

The kit includes the basic model of a greenhouse (aryclic and plastic) where young learners can enjoy the hands-on building process. On average, the model can be assembled within 30 minutes.

Green house learning kit

Dimension of the built model is shown below

Green house learning kit 2

2. Tutorial Book

The kit also includes a color-printed illustrative tutorial book with knowledge and instructions to teach the topics of sensors and basic electronics circuits

Green house learning kit
book sample of greenhouse_edited.jpg

3. Parts and Components

The kit includes a list of electronics components (resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors), analog sensors and a water pump system powered by a DC motor. With the kit you can build a pure analog-based control circuit that automatically waters.

Green house learning kit by EIM Technology
Green house learning kit inclusives

*4. Empowered by Lab-On-The-Go

If you do not have convenient access to electronics testing instruments such as power supply, multimeter, function generator and oscilloscope, we strongly recommend you to get a set of Lab-On-The-Go kit, which faciliates an easy-to -setup mini workbench with affordable cost and great accessibility. 

Mini Green house learning kit by EMI Technology
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