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STEM Educator sharing Negative impacts of video games and social media on youth

Updated: Sep 12

In my teaching career (STEM Educator) thus far, I have seen the increasing prevalence of behavioural and attention problems stemming from overuse of video games and social media. Due to the prevalence of smart phones and tablets, I have found that students are increasingly unable to distance themselves from the screen. This leads to weaker academic performances due to reduced focus in the classroom. Overuse of social media also has many well-known adverse effects including:

  • Poor mental health including anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem from negative comparison of lifestyles and belongings

  • Negative behavioural influences from glamorizing questionable characters and content

  • Decreased academic performance & social skills from lack of communication in person: A lot of my students have reported not being comfortable with meeting new classmates in person.

  • Sleep issues due to blue light emission from device use late at night which can translate to being too tired to perform at 100% during school day.

One benefit for project-based learning that EIM Technology provides is more productive use of their time outside of school rather than playing video games or scrolling social media. Our products promote STEM learning with emphasis in electronics education. Our products are compact, portable, and can be worked through in a collaborative fashion promoting valuable educational interaction.

STEM Learning is beneficial in youth for a variety of reasons:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills enhanced leading to better learning outcomes (grades) at school

  • STEM career are in high demand and are generally well paying. Learning skills at a young age will open more doors for students

  • Students get hands-on, experiential learning opportunities that we have found to be lacking at school

  • Enhances the part of the brain promoting innovation and creativity. Students can experiment with their ideas and develop their own solutions to problems

  • Through collaboration and team work, students can learn to work effectively together. Additionally, the learning experience can be shared with the parents promoting a healthy attitude towards learning in the household.

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