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Integrating Circuitry and Sustainability Education in Ed-Tech via Green Electrical Energy

Updated: Sep 12

Sustainability is of utmost importance to the future of humanity on this plant. As such, students should be taught from early on about the implications of using fossil fuels as well as more sustainable choices. Electronics ed-tech, including those provided by EIM, offer a unique, affordable (and very fun!) opportunity to combine education about renewable energy and sustainability with basic circuitry. This provides students with experiential learning opportunities that they find more enjoyable than traditional textbook based learning.

Below, I will provide a few snippets from our Energy Class Level 1 which has been successfully run in many academic institutions in Canada. Check our Green Electrical Energy on

· Electricity and Light: Students can explore the history and efficiency of incandescent bulbs vs. LEDs. They can build a simple circuit that assesses the voltage drop across different colors of LEDs and bring home a LED nightlight.

· Generating DC Power: Students explore two simple ways to generate electricity without using fossil fuels. They will explore how galvanic cells and solar cells function.

· Generating AC Power: Wind power can be used in coastal regions and areas with high and consistent winds. Students can explore this method of energy generation by building a wind turbine model.

Wind Farm Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

Please contact us to learn more about this book or to make bulk orders.

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