LAB-ON-THE-GO on Cmolik Prize Final List

The Cmolik Prize is awarded biennially to who have developed and implemented an invention, innovation, concept, process or procedure that enhances educational practice in the K-12 public school system in BC. The award was endowed to the Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University by Mr. and Mrs. Cmolik. The Prize arises from their passion for education and inspirations gained by their visits to schools around the world. It encourages practitioners, researchers, administrators, and policy makers to enrich teaching and learning, particularly to stimulate a desire to learn and to develop life skills to become productive and responsible members of our community.

As one of the nominees, our proudly designed products of "Lab-On-The-Go" are selected as one of the competitive ideas on the final name list.

In the award reception event, we exchanged our ideas and missions with other organizations that also working on improvements of STEM education. We are very motivated and encouraged that our idea of "Lab-On-The-Go" was vastly acknowledged and praised.

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