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Easy to Implement & Fun Breadboard Circuit Projects to Learn Electronics

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In my communication with instructors, there’s often a recognized desire to implement electronics learning into school curriculum. However, one question that I have gotten is “How do I do it?”. A lot of teachers are requested by administration to implement some electronics teaching aspect to their curriculum but sometimes the teacher’s academic expertise is not in electronics. One of EIM’s chief mandate is to make electronics learning more accessible for everyone. Making implementation more accessible in the classroom is a part of this! This post will be describing some simple breadboard projects that can be implemented with minimal financial resource and time.

Q: What is a breadboard?

The breadboard is a commonly used tool for prototyping basic electronic circuits. Since a breadboard does not require any soldering and is reusable, it is an ideal tool for electronics learners. Breadboards are also easy to modify, are affordable, and are meant for rapid prototyping since you can build very quickly.

Q: What are some projects I can build on a breadboard?

The following are some beginner level projects with links to good resources to get you started on your journey!

· Blinking LEDs: Learn about resistors, LEDs, and basic circuitry by creating a blinking LED circuit.

· Light Sensor: Can use light dependent resistors to build a simple light sensing circuit.

· Temperature Sensor: Learn about thermistors and how they can be used to measure temperature.

· Audio Amplifier: Learn how to amplify sound with an audio amplifier chip, capacitor, and potentiometer!

· Alarm Circuit: Using a 555 timer IC that generates a square signal wave to drive the speaker ringing an alarm. This project teaches about timing circuits, oscillators, and signal generators.

There are just a few to get started, we will post many more projects in the future! Some of these projects require multimeters and power supplies. EIM’s Lab-on-the-Go platform is perfect for powering your projects! Check it on -

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