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Best Electronic Kits as an Introduction to the World of Technology

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Are you interested in fostering your child's interest in the world of technology after seeing the field's recent rapid evolution? Maybe you are thinking of ways to enhance your skillset to leverage these transformations? This post aims to shed light on why the solution to these scenarios, and similar ones, could lie in acquiring an electronic kit — an engaging tool for both you and your child to experiment with.

What makes EIM Technology's kits the best electronic kits!

At its core, electronic kits are self-containing projects broken down into simple parts that the end-user will assemble together to learn a bit more about not only how to create a final product that serves a specific purpose, but also to learn about what each part does, and how the product as a whole functions. Naturally, the act of creating the project is focused on the most as electronic kits often serve as tools of education, but an added plus is of course the product itself, as a symbol of your hard work!

Beginners should be especially aware of the presence and benefits of electronic kits as they are generally tailored more specifically to people of all ages interested in learning more about electronics. In an industry strongly defined by its learning curve mainly taking place in hands-on endeavors instead of textbooks and tests, electronic kits feel right at home as you can get started right away at building something tangible rather than learning theory, even if you don't know very much in the beginning! Manuals are typically included and come with every single EIM Technology kit.

As for specific benefits of electronic kits that highlight why they may be a more effective learning tool than other alternatives in the industry, such as reading online textbooks to understand the theory better, the first and most important point to many is its convenience in providing a full learning experience. Self-guided learning can be exceedingly difficult especially in STEM fields, whereas electronic kits are self-containing and often have a well-defined amount of time it will take to complete the project. This not only makes the learning process less stressful as everything is physically right in front of you without needing to search for external help, but also having a predetermined amount of time the project is expected to take you, can serve as a way to schedule your learning sessions a bit easier. It could also help you understand when you may want to take on more difficult projects if you are breezing through your current one. As well, it cannot be understated how much satisfaction you can get from creating something tangible that you can properly consider a work of yours; this is something that textbooks simply cannot provide alone. Finally, it can be easy to get frustrated in the middle of self-learning as there is no guidance around you to lean on. Fortunately, EIM's electronic kits, as previously mentioned, do have guides and instructions, so there is no need to worry.

If you are interested in getting your hands on an electronic kit, please visit our previous article on some of our team's top choices for electronic kits (!

Building up a project from scratch using electronic kits can also teach you about some of the unique uses of each component! There are many things that go into making one functional product, and common items that can be in kits include resistors, LEDs, capacitors, transistors, and more. If you would like to see what parts are specifically offered in EIM's kits, please refer again to our previous blog post that dives more into the specifics of some of our top offerings (! While it is true that anyone could go on the internet and search up the uses of each of these separate pieces, there is no better way to embed in your mind the exact function of each one and its applications of them, than to physically work with them to create a final product in a kit and reflect on why, for example, a resistor was needed in a specific place.

Now, all that there's left to do is start! Hopefully, you can see now why electronic kits can be a great place to start if you want to learn a bit more about electronics, and I recommend looking through some of EIM's options, such as our Lab-on-the-go, our flagship product. Of course, as previously stated, if you want more specific reviews of our options, I strongly recommend visiting the blog post mentioned earlier in this post, and I hope you enjoy your journey learning about the vast world of electronics!


My 60-hour Contract for Venture for Canada @ EIM Technology

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and I am posting this brief read here partially for people interested to get a glimpse into the inner workings of EIM but also for future VFC students who may be considering a spot at EIM. As part of my 60 hour contract over 7 weeks in the July cohort, I have been involved in lead generation of electronics distributors nationwide, outreach to micro-influencers, and some SEO brainstorming as well. As a result of having numerous different roles in such a short period of time at EIM, I would love to share my experience as there is certainly a lot more going on in the background than the one word us VFC students see tied to this position: "sales". As well, right before beginning, I would like to say a huge thank you to my project manager, David Guan, who I will be referencing multiple times throughout this article. He was a reliable manager who listened to my request for work flexibility and proactively helped me find a way to get more involved in more facets of the company outside of just lead generation. To future VFC students reading this, if you get David as your manager, you are in good hands!

To start, I was interested in a position in sales, as referenced by my last statement above. However, EIM was also interesting to me in the sense that it truly is a promising startup with strong product lines already on the market, and as someone with no previous experience in anything related to the electronics field, I wanted to find a way to brush shoulders with the industry. For any VFC students that may also have a similar mindset as this, I highly recommend considering EIM as a place to spend your contract in. It is also worth mentioning that I had set high expectations for areas such as job flexibility, and these goals were absolutely met throughout the experience, as I was not restricted to doing only one task (e.g. micro influencer leads) every single week of the program. Variation of tasks can naturally be a make-or-break topic in jobs, and I appreciate David's efforts to provide some of that necessary variety in my week-by-week activities.

Diving straight into the work, I was initially tasked with lead generation in an area I'm most comfortable with, the place I currently live in: Toronto. Since I know the city quite well, it was a smooth and simple intro to the world of lead generation. Over time, this extended outwards across Canada, where by the end of the program I helped connect EIM to distributors from Alberta, BC, Ontario and Quebec. Being able to sample electronic distributors of each province and large population center within Canada also revealed to me some interesting observations about which regions have more well-developed business atmospheres for electronics than others. Aside from that task which was the bulk of the program, as previously stated I also worked on finding micro influencers that may be interested in working with EIM. While most people often think of the big fish when looking at the influencer side of business, in many cases grassroots starts with the more local figures. Finally, I helped with some brainstorming for SEO initiatives to get EIM's name out there on forum pages. This is a great topic to start thinking about if you would like to start your own business, as a great product will still need great marketing to begin taking off, and knowing your way around SEO will help you harness the internet to its full potential.

Throughout this experience, thanks again to David, I was able to take on roles that developed my ability to quickly and effectively take data from search engines and transform it into a more readable and organized Google sheet form that can be used for quick communication with top leads. I also discovered a few things about SEO and generally learned about the way startups like EIM work. If there is one takeaway I want whoever is reading this to get from what I found out about entrepreneurial ventures, it is that at the early stages of operation, marketing is extremely important and you will have to get crafty on how to do it without many resources. We are all used to the idea of marketing being a mass volume activity where companies go to an agency to create something that will be advertised on a large medium of communication such as TV or newspapers, but for the vast majority of startups, this is simply not fiscally feasible. Working at EIM gave me insight into ways to be more creative in this early stage of marketing, and I highly recommend this spot for potential VFC students who may be interested in this sort of activity as well!

So to quickly summarize, my experience at EIM Technology as a VFC student was filled with different roles and responsibilities that helped me learn about how a newer startup works, and also served as inspiration to me as to how I may decide to go about solving similar issues if I were to create something on my own as well. I would like to thank again the EIM team and especially David, and for any VFC student viewers, I hope I have convinced you to consider applying for a spot at EIM! I am sharing some links where you can check their product range - and you could follow them as they are always building innovative learning electronic kits & materials.

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