Most of the projects are implemented on breadboard, if you are not familiar with how to use breadboard, check out this great breadboard tutorial before starting the projects. 



  • You can use any DC voltage from 5 to 9V as your power source; if using MEGO, set it to 5V

  • You can use any resistors values from 220 ohm to 2.2k ohm

  • Your LED has two legs, the longer leg is the anode (the tail) and shorter leg is the cathode (the bar)




  • The BC548 in schematic is a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT). You can refer this document to learn how setup connections. In fact, you can use any n-type BJT for this circuit.

  • The 220uF capacitor determines the time constant of the fading light. If you don't have 220uF, use the one that has closest capacitance. Watch out for the polarity (longer leg goes to "+")