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Portable Power Supply

The world's first portable breadboard power supply



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Weight: 100 grams


Model Number: PPS-1024
Output Voltage: 4-24VDC
Maximum Power: 6 Watt
Overload Protection: YES
Short Production: YES
Battery Material: Lithium-polymer
Battery Capacity: 7Wh
Typical Efficiency: 87%
Voltage Display Error: <1%
Ripple Voltage: <1%
* Above data are acquired from R&D lab, which may vary depending on the actual environment of usage

Pricing and Packaging

Micro USB Cable x1
USB-Alligator Clips x1
USB-DC Jack x1
Mini-screwdrivers x3
Velvet Bag x1
User Manual x1
Package Dimension: 90 x 50 x 135 mm
Package Weight: 220 grams
Shipping Region: Worldwide Shipping
image of mego product
* For bulk purchasing please contact us for the discount price structure