Electronics exists everywhere. Learning electronics is not only about equations and calculations. A practical electronics engineer always has plenty experiences with hands-on experiments and troubleshooting. 

For students and hobbyists who may not have sufficient resources and access with all sorts of high-tech laboratory instruments for practice, our proudly launched series products "Lab-On-The-Go" will be your first and best solution! 

​The idea of "Lab-On-The-Go" is simple: to build a "movable" electronics lab. Our whole series of products are dedicating to create compact electronics lab kits for students, makers and hobbyists. Our design philosophy always centralizes on convenience, affordability, accessibility and excellent user experience. 


Get a set of "Lab-On-The-Go" and make electronics go with you. Doesn't matter in classroom, library, Starbucks or even your own cozy bedroom, you can implement your idea in a coolest fashion.

And Please!
Don't work too hard, go to sleep on time~

​"I don't want to sleep, this is more fun..."

-An anonymous maker

Learn and build electronic circuits anytime, anywhere