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Classroom Lecture

STEM and Beyond


  • Technology education

  • Easy set-up, theory learning, and hands-on activities combined

  • Practical and interactive

  • Unique pedagogy with designated equipment

  • Remote-learning friendly 

Teaching Resource

  • Hardware equipment

  • Teaching Material

  • Project-based Learning Kit

  • Circuit simulation

  • Browser-based programming complier

  • Technical support

Professional Development

  • Keeping up with technological advancements

  • Enhancing digital literacy

  • Integrating technology for improved learning outcomes

  • Addressing diverse student needs

  • Promoting digital citizenship

Fill the gap between Teaching and Learning


EIM Technology offers a collaborative space for shop, technology, and electronics teachers to enhance their teaching methods in ADST. The goal is to make ADST more practical and interactive by implementing diverse educational approaches such as experiment-based learning and project-based learning. These approaches go beyond traditional methods and include prototype-based learning and product-based learning. EIM Technology supports teachers in creating engaging learning environments where students can apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Lab Class

Teaching Resource

EIM Technology offers detailed instructions on our featured experiment hardware, LOTG, along with a variety of projects ranging from simple to comprehensive. We provide teaching materials for educators to use directly or as a reference. Additionally, we offer practical browser-based tools like circuit simulation and FPGA compilers for easy learning and experimentation. EIM Technology provides a comprehensive learning platform that empowers teachers and students to engage in practical and interactive learning experiences.

Professional Development

EIM Technology provides professional development programs, conferences, training, offline seminars, and webinars for educators to teach electronics and technology education effectively. Our programs focus on the practical technology and teaching methods, including hardware equipment guidance, lab instruction, and access to interactive project kits and simulation tools. These resources help educators enhance the learning experience for their students.

Technology Class
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