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Electric Circuits for Starters

A tangible solution to learn electrical circuits with real hands-on equipment, tools, components and experiments

#Electronics components, equipment, tools

#Breadboard circuiting skills

#Fundamental circuit theorems

#Engineering measurements and analysis


The basic learning kit for Electric Circuits

The Pedagogy
Pedagogy in electronics education offers structured learning, hands-on experimentation, critical thinking development, and collaborative opportunities for students to understand complex concepts and prepare for real-world challenges.
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Building fundations with experiments 
The lab manual encompasses a range of circuiting concepts, including Ohm's law, Watt's law, series and parallel circuits, Thevenin circuits, superposition, capacitor charging, and more, which are essential foundations in electronics. Acquire knowledge on these subjects through practical circuitry, measurements, and testing.

Tips for moderate budget learners:

EE Kit + multimeter + power supply
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Getting started tangibly
This kit contains a list of commonly used electronics components such as resistors, capacitors, switches, inductors and wires. It also includes a solderless breadboard that allows you to quickly wire up these components and build functional circuits.

Tips for tight budget learners:
EE Kit + multimeter + Battery holders
Explore more advanced topics
If you want to investigate more advanced topics in AC signals, simply upgrade the kit by adding a multifunctional debuger tool (Zoolark), which has integrated with essential features of oscilloscope and function generator. With this kit, you can easily setup a well-functioning electronics workshop on your tabletop.

Tips for high budget learners:

EE Kit + Lab-On-The-Go


Question: Is the book available in all three options?

YES, either option will get you the physical book, which has 20 chapters that cover the essential topics of electrical circuits, from fundamental concepts such as Ohm's Law, to more advanced topics such as AC signals.

Question: How do each option differ?

Each option will have the same book that covers the essential currilucm of electric circuits, but you will get different equipment, components and tools which are designed to meet different learning purposes. The options are upgradable in case your learning objective has changed later.

Question: Which option do you recommend?

If you are not sure which option is best for your needs, we recommend Enhanced Kit to you. With this option, you can work on lots of DC experiments to learn fundamental principles of circuits. When you are prepared to get into more advanced topics such as AC signals and analog electronics, you can simply buy a Zoolark and upgrade to Premium option.

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