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What We Do

EIM Technology is a tech company based in Vancouver, BC, that is committed to providing affordable and accessible solutions for technology education. Our primary focus is on electronics, and we are proud to introduce our flagship product, Lab-On-The-Go. This innovative product comprises a set of portable, compact devices that feature essential functions required for most electronics labs, experiments, and projects. Our ultimate goal is to empower the next generation of learners, educators, and schools with our affordable and tailored solutions to help them truly appreciate the beauty of electronics through immersive, hands-on & project-based learning experiences.

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Who We Are

EIM Technology is founded by a group of former SFU research and teaching assistants in the fields of engineering and applied sciences. After spending thousands of hours teaching students from high school to post-secondary levels, we realized that the lack of systematic learning materials could be the biggest restrain to implement STEM education. As an ambitious team with solid backgrounds, we are dedicated to develop innovative solutions for teaching and learning STEM subjects.

Why Choose Us

Teaching STEM is cool, but plenty amounts of tools and resources will be needed. Thus, we not only deliver instruments, but also offer complete learning resources for teachers: open source textbooks, lab experiments, associated components, tools, and supplies. These materials are designed such that any STEM educator can quickly absorb the key knowledges and convert them for teaching. In addition, our team is ready to provide technical supports and training if educators encountered any troubles with our products and learning materials. We promise to respond with solutions in hours.

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Our Roadmap

2016 May Founded

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2016 Launched one-stop PCB and PCBA service (From design to prototyping)

Until 2017 Designed and delivered over 300 PCB orders for SFU students and research projects

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2018 Jan, Came up with portable power supply idea

2018 Mar, Developed first edition MEGO portable power supply

After multiple revisions...

a sketch of mego product

2018 Oct, Finalized MEGO design ready

2018 Oct, filed patents

2018 Nov, Launched Kickstarter campaign and successfully achieved the target

image of a mego product

2018 Dec, First MEGO produced, and started developing "Lab on the Go"!

2019 Jan, FEGO, portable function generator prototype ready for test

image of a fego product

2019 Mar, Shipped out over 200 units of MEGO worldwide


2019 Apr, nominated by SFU Cmolik Education Prize with "LAB On The GO" idea

image of a set of lab instruments

2019 July, "Lab On The Go" instruments and accessories developed and READY to GO!


2019 Aug, launched our second project on Kickstarter, STEM FLASHRULER and funded over 1000% of original goal

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2019 Nov, idea to upgrade MEGO so it can supply two channel voltages

2020 Mar, idea to upgrade TEGO and FEGO

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2020 Aug, Published our Laboratory Manual to Accompany Highschool Electronics - Analog Circuits DC Experiments

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2020 Sep, listed our products on Amazon and registered trademark

2020 Oct, found a solution for FPGA educational programs

image of a fpga product

2021 Jan, MEGO Dual is under developing and coming soon

2021 Apr, developing a new LOTG instrument combine function generator and oscilloscope, code name "Zoolark"

image of showing future products

2021 Sep, after 6 months development, Zoolark was launched as a Kickstarter campaign and successfully funded in 2 days

wind turbine

2022 Jan, our first STEM Energy Class for grade 8-10 was launched and attract many kids who are interested in STEM fields

energy 1

2022 Mar, full-color textbook for Energy Class level 1 was published

2022 May, online developing tool "WebIDE" was online and ready to go


2022 Jul, new version of STEP FPGA was fully developed. Launched in Kickstarter and successfully funded in 24 hours

molecular kits

2022 Sep, Introducing new chemistry lab content – lab coats, goggles, and molecular model sets


2022 Nov, Lab-On-The-Go hardwares and learning kits was fully developed and launched on Kickstarter, successfully funded in 12 hours


EIM is ready for the next phase Story continues....