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Hardware Tool

EIM Technology's Lab-On-The-Go (LOTG) provides portable electronic experimental equipment for hands-on learning in electronics and engineering. It includes essential tools like a power supply, multimeter, and oscilloscope. LOTG aims to make STEM education accessible and enjoyable for everyone, fostering skills development in various settings. It enhances traditional lab setups, making learning more accessible, affordable, and practical.

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Teaching Material

For our Teaching Materials Section at EIM Technology,  we have transformed the traditional learning experience by introducing experiment-based, project-based, and product-based learning methods. Our materials focus on hands-on activities rather than tedious theories, and we utilize illustrative graphs to enhance understanding. With our interactive approach, learners can explore and learn beyond what is explicitly taught. 


Introducing our Laboratory Manual to Accompany Basic Electric Circuits – a comprehensive and practical resource designed to teach the fundamentals of electric circuits. Our manual follows an experimental-based learning pedagogy, where each experiment is carefully designed to reinforce concepts learned in class through hands-on experience.

Through a series of thoughtfully crafted experiments and exercises, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and enhance their understanding of electric circuits. These activities may involve filling in tables and performing calculations, making it essential for students to have a solid foundation in fundamental math skills. This integration of mathematical calculations helps students synthesize the concepts more effectively.


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This comprehensive tutorial, titled Elementary Electronics Tutorial Green Electrical Energy, serves as an extensive resource for individuals seeking to grasp the fundamental principles of green electricity. It encompasses a wide range of subjects, including renewable energy sources, techniques for optimizing energy consumption, and strategies for minimizing energy expenses.

Designed particularly for beginners in the field of green energy, this tutorial offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the technology and its practical applications. With its abundance of detailed diagrams, lucid explanations, and practical examples, the tutorial and associated experiment kit serves as an invaluable tool to reinforce understanding.


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greenhouse_storecover_画板 1.png

Next up is the Intermediate Electronics Tutorial Sustainable Greenhouse, which takes a project-based learning approach to create a fully functional greenhouse model with the integration of various electronics designs for automation. The tutorial is thoughtfully crafted and presented in full-color print, providing comprehensive details and illustrations to guide you through the underlying concepts and ultimately assist you in constructing a functional circuit. Moreover, the tutorial includes an assembly guide showcasing the key components such as sensors, motors, and heaters, which are included in the kit, ensuring that you have all the necessary resources to begin your journey.

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Screenshot 2023-05-29 144550.png

FPGAs are a demanding technology in electronics hardware engineering with diverse applications. However, existing FPGA boards pose a challenge for beginners as they are designed for advanced users. The Tutorial for FPGA Beginners highlights that FPGA is a tool, and the essence of learning lies in understanding digital design concepts from basic logic gates to advanced techniques.

To facilitate FPGA study, a compact FPGA board and an illustrative tutorial are provided, focusing on practical engineering experiments and project building. The goal is to assist beginners in taking their first steps towards grasping the intricacies of digital design.


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Lesson Plan

EIM technology, as an Ed Tech company, can design comprehensive lesson plans for topics ranging from basic electronics to advanced electronics. The process involves identifying learning objectives, breaking down topics, structuring a logical progression, creating engaging content, incorporating assessments and activities, offering differentiation and personalization, and providing ongoing support.  Teachers can use them as reference to implement into their teaching curriculum.

Getting started with knowing basic electronics components,  how to use some fundamental testing instruments, and construct some simple circuits. The beginner level is a more experiment-based approach to learn some fundamental concept about electronics.

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