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The British Columbia Technology Education Association (BCTEA) is an organization that speaks for educators who teach Technology Education and support the progress and expansion of Applied Design Skills and Technologies (ADST), Makerspaces, Trades and Tech Ed in schools throughout British Columbia.  BCTEA collaborates with similar groups at the Elementary and Secondary levels (K-12) and also partners with organizations involved in trades training and developing industry standards for training young employees. Each year, EIM Technology attends the conference and has a booth set up to showcase their latest updates. For further information, please refer to their BCTEA's official website.

STEM Agency Training

EIM Technology offers electronics teacher training programs for all STEM agencies, which can be customized to meet their specific needs. The program offers guidance on hardware equipment and associated lab instruction, as well as access to a variety of interactive project kits and handy simulation tools, in addition to personalized coaching and in-person workshops. The focus is on hands-on experiments and project-based learning, with activities and projects designed to give educators practical experience. The goal is to empower educators to teach electronics with confidence and excellence.

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Networking Event


EIM Technology recognizes the importance of community building among educators, which is why we sometimes hold small seminars in local areas like Vancouver, BC. These seminars provide a space and opportunity for educators and teachers to gather and exchange ideas, insights, and experiences related to electronics and technology education. The seminars are facilitated by experienced educators and offer valuable insights and resources for attendees.


In addition to small seminars in local areas, EIM Technology provides webinars for educators who prefer remote participation. These webinars cover a variety of electronics and technology education topics, and are led by experienced educators. Participants can engage in interactive discussions and access recordings for flexible scheduling. The webinars offer valuable insights and resources to enhance teaching practices.

Virtual Team Meeting

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