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General Specs

Model Number: PFG-1024
Output Channels: Analog waveforms
Synchronized TTL output
Analog Waveforms: Sinusoidal (distortion ≤ 0.8%)
Triangular (linearity ≥ 98%)
Square (duty cycle: 1% to 99%, edge time < 100ns)
Sawtooth (rising saw, falling saw)
Maximum Frequency: 10 MHz
Maximum Amplitude: ≥10V pk-pk (no load)
TTL Output Amplitude: >3Vpk-pk
TTL Fan Out: >20 TTL Loads
Output Impedance: 50±5Ω
DC Offset Range: ​±3V
Battery lasting time: Up to 4 hours
Input Voltage Range: 0.5Vpk-pk to 20Vpk-pk
Frequency Counter Range: 1Hz to 60MHz
Operating Environment: 0-40°C,Humidity<80%
* Above data are acquired from R&D lab, which may vary depending on the actual environment of usage

Pricing and Packaging

Micro USB Cable x1
BNC to alligator clip cable x1
image of fego product
Package Dimension: 95 x 40 x 200 mm
Package Weight: 360 grams
Shipping Region: Worldwide Shipping
MSRP*: $145.00 CAD
* For bulk purchasing please contact us for the discount price structure